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Offset Festival Preview

September 3, 2009

Originally posted on The 405

Offset Festival

Tickets: £45 Weekend Non-camping, £55 Weekend Camping
Location: Hainault Forest Country Park

A plethora of festivals have sprung up in recent years of the boutique variety, with an ethos on the independent vibe, generally small in size, and often with excellent line-ups. The online savy types, bloggers, alternative crowd who have craved these kind of events have evolved into the creators of festivals of this ilk, tapping onto the demand that exists. Offset Festival is a perfect example, to be held over two days this weekend (5th/6th September)

The 10,000 capacity festival is held in Hainault Forest inside the M25, you can even get there by tube. So those Londoner’s can get all those home comforts of hot baths, home cooked food and irate night-bus passengers if they so choose. It feels like cheating not slumming it in a damp leaky tent over a festival, but if you can get away with not doing it, why the b’jesus not?


Of course it’s all very well waffling on about ‘vibes’ ‘the ethos’ and ‘jumbo fests on a manageable scale’ side of things – but it’s fairly pointless without a cracking line-up. This is certainly not a problem with Offset; I’d advise that you check your warranty on your laptop/computer covers ‘excessive drooling’ before taking a look at the artists available.

Across seven stages there are a wide-range of genres on offer, mixing a range of exciting new artists with their more established influences. The Horrors headline the Main Stage Sunday night, no doubt playing the entirety of album of the year contender Primary Colours – but on the preceding day is a smart tie-in with avant-rock/krautrock legends Damo Suzuki.

Metronomy headline the Loud and Quiet Stage on Saturday, always a reliable source of electro enjoyment live. This stage turns into the Clash Stage on the Sunday, and features two bands hot off the release of excellent albums of the summer, in Wild Beasts and The XX, with Maps also featuring.

Wild Beasts @ Truck Festival - Day 1

A smorgasbord of up and coming talent you’ll find throughout the weekend, with The Hardcore Stage boasting The Ghost Of A Thousand and Kong. Back to the main stage again, and if you do one thing this weekend, make sure it is watching the insane adrenaline-pumping set that will be Pulled Apart By Horses. And with Future Of The Left following them, it promises to be an extraordinary rocking double-header.

If you fancy a final dance-off of the summer there’s also the aggressively named Nuke Them All! Dance Tent, which is rammed full of explosive Electro-house goodness.

All the corner-stones of musical genres are covered – Post-punk, twee-indie, hardcore, electro, something to keep everyone happy. All this for just £45. Lovely.

405 Picks:
Future Of The Left, Pulled Apart By Horses, Dananananananaykroyd, The Horrors, Metronomy, Maps, Metronomy, Kong, Die! Die! Die!, Good Shoes, Let’s Wrestle

Super Spotify Offset Playlist here!

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