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Shiny new bloggington

August 28, 2009

Hello there!

Welcome to the start of mah new blog – Hello Empty Room. I wanted to entitle it Us Kids Know (ya know, from that song) but that was in use sadly.

I basically wanted somewhere to put all my stuff that’s online in one place, one giant dumping ground if you will. That’s right, you’re visiting a dumping round. It’s mostly gonna be for my own reference I think, like a lil’ diary – and if anyone else reads and enjoys proceedings, that’s a bonus.

It’ll mostly consist of my photography, both personal and music work, my music reviews from The 405, and maybe the odd bit of news, we’ll see. Anywhat, enough self-indulgent rambling (What? On a blog? NEVER.) Head over to About Me if you’re that interested for more info.

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